Since 2008 I have been an orthopaedics and traumatology specialist professionally connected with the Orthopaedic and Traumatology Department at the Provincial Hospital in Poznań, where I have been working since 2001, at present as a senior assistant.

Hundreds of surgery procedures performed, and work at the Orthopaedic Department and the Hospital’s Emergency Room (ER) have contributed to my experience and expertise, mostly within foot surgery, arthroscopic treatment and endoprosthetics of lower limb joints. I constantly expand my knowledge by learning new treatment methods and techniques, regularly participating in courses, training and conferences arranged in Poland and other parts of the world. I am a member of the Polish Orthopaedic and Traumatology Association (Polskie Towarzystwo Ortopedyczne i Traumatologiczne - PTOiTr) and the Polish Foot and Ankle Society (Polskie Towarzystwo Stopy i Stawu Skokowo-Goleniowego - PFAS).


• joint arthroscopies,
• arthroscopic reconstructions of ligaments, meniscuses, articular cartilage,
• endoprothesoplastic of hip and knee joints, with the use of state-of-the-art techniques, minimally invasive, with the use of a wide range of implants adjusted to a particular patient and his/her needs, and inspection procedures of the above mentioned joints (replacement of worn or damaged implants),
• knee surgery,
• foot surgery (crooked toes (halluces), hammer toes),
• trauma surgery,
• treatment of consequences and complications after injuries (disturbed union of a fractured bone, false joints).







chmurka, wypowiedź

Doctor Krawczuk “had me quickly back on my feet”. He made an accurate diagnosis and competently performed the ACL reconstruction procedure. Thanks to him, I can still lead an active live - I run and ski regularly. Doctor Krawczuk is a trustworthy specialist and a well-mannered person.

— Karolina Wesołowska

chmurka, wypowiedź

What can I say about Doctor Krawczuk? He is a great orthopaedist, who makes a patient happily submit to his safe hands of a professional. I had more than one chance to personally experience it — Doctor Krawczuk "fixed me several times". If I ever need any help from an orthopaedist again, I will most certainly seek it from him.

— Grzegorz Bajczyk

chmurka, wypowiedź

I had been struggling with an aching and really bad-looking hallux for quite some time — the great toe was already overlapping the little one. Around the same time, I heard from a friend that one of her acquaintances suffered from the same inconvenience and had her problem comprehensively solved by Doctor Krawczuk. At first, I was not quite sure if I wanted to undergo surgery - I was afraid of pain and the risk of reoccurring halluces. However, considering the inconvenience of the problem and the ugly looks, I decided to make an appointment forthwith. After a friendly and constructive conversation with Doctor Krawczuk, who explained the respective steps of the surgery and recovery in an understandable manner, I had no doubt that the procedure was necessary and that I was in safe hands. And I was. I shall not conceal the fact that after the surgery my foot was quite swollen, but at the same time I could feast my eyes on the view of a straight toe. I cannot say that the entire process is completely painless but the pain is bearable, does not last forever, and most certainly is worth the final effect. A huge advantage was that the foot was not put in a plaster cast. Instead it was placed in a special orthopaedic shoe which allowed my independent walking while still at the hospital. Over 2 years have passed since the surgery, and my foot looks great. Two small scars are the only reminders of the previous hallux. Should the hallux occur on the other foot in the future, I know where to go for a medical consultation.

— Arleta from Poznań

chmurka, wypowiedź

Piotr Krawczuk is a reliable and conscientious doctor. Several years ago, he treated me professionally at a hospital, where I was provided with a competent talk and medical advice. Then he performed the surgery of a torn acromioclavicular ligament and coracoclavicular ligament. After the procedure, followed up by proper rehabilitation, I managed to return to amateur sport in a really short time. It allowed me to complete triathlon competitions several times. At present, my ligaments work perfectly, causing no inconvenience at all. I recommend this specialist with all my heart!

— Michal from Poznań